To enter a test please go to here to sign up and pay for all tests. You must be a member of the parent club to test in VHDF but we do not require you to be a member of the chapter to test. Sign up for testing is all done through the VHDF parent club but running orders and information about the test comes from the chapter and will be released just prior to the test.

Things needed for training

1. Training fee payment is done online.

2. Florescent orange, meeting state law requires

3. Clothing appropriate for the forecast if rain is called for a change of clothes or rain gear should be packed. Muck boots are needed at the water to get to certain areas of the training site. Towels for yourself or your dogs and sun screen to help keep yourself from getting skin cancer.

4. Chair and food. If you've been to one of our training you realize many of our members do not stop. If you have been sitting please offer to help in any way, even if you are told that there is nothing to do you can walk along. Remember you can ask questions and sometimes watching can be a good way to learn

5. Leashes, collars, and e-collar. If you run your dog on a check cord you must provide it, if you are doing table work and want to use a prong collar it's best to have your own. Make sure that your e-collar is charged and ready to go.    

6. If you plan on using a blank gun and do not have you own, ask another member to bring one for you. If you are planning on having game shot it is polite to offer ammo for your gunner, not required but polite. If you plan to gun please bring a break open shotgun and enough ammo and be prepared to walk. When gunning please use your best judgment and even when using a blank gun watch where it is pointed.

Training/Testing sites

Training Field:

Our fields are located in McAdoo, Pennsylvania. The entrance of the roadway for parking is at the end of James Street in McAdoo through a yellow gate. Click HERE for road entrance coordinates and HERE for parking area.

Training Water:

Our training water is about 0.7 miles off the main road so please pay close attention to the instructions. 


Training water is located at the Fur Fin Feather Club

1. Click HERE to get to the dirt road entrance

2. Drive west on dirt road parallel to route 80 for 1.8 miles.

3. Shortly after driving over a small concrete creek bridge, you'll get to a curve at the end of the road that turns left and after turning left, you'll drive for 250 yards where you will have to turn left again.

4. About 50 yards after turning left you will be at the water parking area. 

5. The dirt road continues further so DO NOT miss the left turn. If you do, you will be past the parking area and cellphone signal is little to none back there. 

6. Click HERE for Water parking.  


Driving directions below:

From the intersection of Route 940 and Moseywood Rd (opposite the road to Jack Frost) drive South on Moseywood Rd, Cross Interstate 80, Note that you are now south of Interstate 80, and turn right (West) on the dirt road (N41° 4'49.91", W75° 38'9.80") that is just before the entrance to Split Rock.


From here follow steps 1 through 5 explained above. The parking area coordinates are N41° 4'28.65", W75° 39'57.05"

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